How To Make Your Own Bullet Mold

Put the mold in 4 jaw and dial in center drill it then cut ogive and cut grease groves true up face and it good to go. Use a little bit of the baby powder for the mold so you can take the polymer clay easier out of it.

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A single cavity mold would be 12 long a two cavity mold would be 18 long etc.

How to make your own bullet mold. Cut a piece off drill out the nose as close to the center as possible anneal and then use your swaging die to form the bullet. Put about 5 or 6 pounds of wheel weights in the pot and turn the electric burner on full power. L 06 x the number of cavities 1.

This method requires less pressure as the nose is merely being pushed into the void created by the hole you drilled. Then you want to put your model on a piece of wood with at least 5 inches or so of room around the bottom of your model. Whether you purchase one of our pistol ammunition molds or a mold used to produce precision rifle bullets you will not be disappointed.

Body wash dish soap and hand soap. We use only the highest grade of aluminum and brass sourced right here in the USA. Safe-D-Clay can be used to thicken thin objects before mold making and also to back irregularly shaped objects.

The water should be about room temperaturenot too warm and not too cold. First video on my homemade bullet mold series. The basic steps to make ANY bullet with a smooth ogive is to swage an exact weight of lead core in the CSW-1- core swage die put this core into a jacket and seat it in a CS-1 core seat die or in a RBT-2- rebated boattail base forming die set which is discussed on another page and finish the the ogive shape by pushing this jacketed cylinder seated core and jacket into the PF-1- point forming die.

It is non-toxic and non-drying and is perfect for the clay-ups that are necessary when making two part molds. When i was really into guns i never had much accuracy with as cast bullets so i would run them thru a sizing die to get a good size and surface finish this would also remove any flash if the mold was. It should be deep enough for you to stick your hand into1 X Research sourceStep 2 Stir some liquid soap into the water.

Push your item carefully in the modelling clay. Traces of oil in the cavities will also wrinkle bullets. You can make these cast lead bullets using scrap used lead wheel weights from any automobile junk yard or any tire store.

What I did was file a square length of W1 steel into the profile of the bullet I wantedgrease rings included. That way the latex rubber wont absorb into it making it tougher to peel off after your mother mold fiberglass shell is done. Take a piece of polymer clay which fits in your mold and knead it so that is easy to use.

If you have a lathe with 4 jaw chuck you can make your own molds. The first thing you should do is make sure your model your making a mold of is sealed. Wrinkles or rounded bands and bases on a bullet are usually an indication that the mold is not hot enough.

Take your item carefully out of the modelling clay and let the clay dry. To craft our bullet moldsThis means that once you purchase one of our products you will be sure that it is built to last. Whether your original model is made from clay wax plaster sand concrete stone metal bone or almost any material making a rubber mold makes it possible to reproduce that model exactly.

Keep stirring until the. Sorry if it seems boring but I wanted to be detailed in how you can make your own bullet mold. Casting a few more bullets will bring it up to the correct temperature.

If you want to arrive at a as cast dimesion the only real way is to make a mold of a known size then cast a few rounds and check for size then recut the mold or make a new one if its over size. I made a conical bullet mold for a 36 caliber repro out of aluminum. To fix this coat the cavities with smoke from a lighted wooden match.

You can use just about any type of liquid soap including. Step 1 Fill a bowl with water. ThenI drilled a hole in the center of the 2 halves of the mold blocks.

If you have all four of the above components and you have a standard universal reloading press and reloading dies in the caliber you need and a bullet mold of the correct caliber then you could reload your own ammunition. I made the blocks to fit into my Lyman handles. The block length can be expressed as a simple equation.

I start out with a old mold 30 cal and punch it out to a 40 cal. I make most my bullet molds. The first and last cavity would also be 06 from the ends of the block making it easy to determine the length of the block.

Go find something to do for 20 to 30 minutes. Whether you want to make one or one thousand reproductions of an original you can do it using a mold. Save them for another day if you shoot black powder and want to cast your own muzzle loader balls or you want to custom mix alloys by adding other casting metals.

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