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Thanks so muchJenni England.

Pringles can soap mold. Ok I have a special project and I need to make round soap logs but the PVC I have is to big they need to be smaller in diameter. Remove Sea Salt Soap from the Mold. If using a round mold like a Pringles can tap on a hard surface to remove air pockets.

And dont throw out your last bit of soap keep the bits and rebatch them to. I am thinking about Pringles cansA Has any one used them. Pour the soap base slowly into the Pringles can spritz the top with alcohol and set aside.

Pringles cans are great for single batches of soap and like a PVC pipe mold make a great round bar of soap. Continue to 5 of 9 below. Pringles Cans Can be used lined or not.

17 votes 16 comments. If you line with freezer paper you can sometimes get more than one use out of the container. Does anyone know if you can do the MP soap in a pringles can for a mold.

If so how many pounds does one can makeC Do you have to. Do not use a PVC end cap. If youre making a small batch they will be fine dont be afraid to begin with one of these free or almost-free options.

Pringles can cold process soap. There are many things that you can use for a mold. I put my soap in the freezer and then run the mold under hot water to expand the tube only not so long to heat the soap and use the smaller pvc pusher to get it out.

Pringles Can for a soap mold Pringles Can for a soap mold. The silver will not come off on the pringles can. I am back for some advice.

Soap can be left in the mold for ages to dry as they are almost self stacking as well and will then definately pop out easy Experiment and you will find some cool shapes that work or dont. You could pour it in and peel the cardboard off. This soap mold will take you 50 minutes to make if you get this material first things you need are a piece of corrugated cardboard packaging tape glue cutting mat freezer paper ruler masking tape and a few other supplies.

The directions to follow to make this amazing soap mold is super quick and easy. If you buy a smaller pvc pipe with and caps you can use that as a pusher. This may take several cups of soap.

Oatmeal containers are great too and you can slice the bar in half to have a semicircle shape. Make sure that no matter what you use you are able to properly sterilize it and it will be easy to unmold so that your finished product looks great from start to finish. If soap is too hot keep stirring slowly until soap reaches 130.

I hope these cheap and free soap mold solutions work well for your needs. Once the soap has hardened properly this will take several hours use a serrated knife to cut the metallic ring from the top of the potato chip can. Many people who look for cheap shaving soap molds end up using a Pringles can or a length of PVC pipe.

Pringles cans for molds. If not lined you can simply peel the container away from the soap and throw away. Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 13 of 13 Posts.

Pouring slowly will help to avoid excess bubbles and spritzing with alcohol will get rid of any remaining bubbles that linger. Use a paddle or long spoon to spoon out as much of the batter as you can. I read somewhere that Pringles cans make good soap molds.

Discussion Starter. If you can tape on a flat piece of stiff plastic to the bottom you can just peel it off once the soap has hardened. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

Since silicone can withstand high heat you can even put your mold in a warm oven to help force gel. These things will work sort of. Insulate away from kids or others to allow it to gel for several hours.

After 2 3 hours your soap should be able to come out of the mold. Click for more details. If so would you mind sharing w me the How tos for it.

From there you can either push or pull on the liner as describes with the Pringles can or use a smaller diameter pipe to push it through like a push pop candy or ice cream treat. Shoe boxes Pringles cans yogurt containers milk cartons. I use both that as well as the PVC.

Because Pringles makes its cans from cardboard you will be able to tear the cardboard away from the soap.

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