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For example the Pedersoli Whitworth Enfield in 451cal. The mold we are using makes a slight hollow base for inserting the pigtail of the paper patching these bullets are typically wrapped.

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The bullet as cast is right at 459 in diameter for loading into the big 45 caliber black powder cartridges ie.

Whitworth rifle bullet mold. The wad should be rammed down the barrel after the powder has been loaded – this wad has a dual function ie. Lyman Maxi bullet designs are exactly reproduced from originals used over 100 years ago. A Hexagonal mould for use in rifles with Whitworth rifling.

Pictured is an original Whitworth Hexagonal Mould part of a cased set from 1859. This 3-piece bullet mold is an optional accessory and is part of this auction. All adjustable moulds are nose poured.

Whitworth Hexagonal Bullet Mould. Lyman Products Bullet Moulds. In a nutshell the round-nose bullet is a 451 across the flats x 459 across the points hexagon with the flats slanted to mechanically fit the 1-20 possibly 1-22 twist of the hexagonally-profiled bore.

Three hardened dowel pins provide positive alignment in both vertical and horizontal planes. I would suggest a bullet length of no longer than 14 other things you will need are a platinum lined nipple and 38 thick felt for making overpowder wads. The all steel mould will cast a 560 grain hexagon shaped bullet with a round nose and solid base.

Shop Lyman for our innovative selection of bullet moulds. The rifle takes special hexagonal bullets that can be made using the customized bullet mold available from Davide Pedersoli C. A modern take on a classic bullet might be just what is needed especially as Pedersoli have just started selling a new Wihtworth rifle.

Hexagonal dense white felt wads cut to fit the 451 cal. Lyman 45 caliber for Parker Hale Whitworth rifle 475 grain Maxi bullet mold single cavity steel blocks only. These precision mold blocks are made in the USA.

Maybe Al would take up the challenge of designing a workable 0451 Whitworth grease groove bullet mould along with a 0441 plain paper patch version cup based along with a sutable sizing dies. It is advisable to use hot water in cleaning the rifle to ensure the perfect dryness of the. The bullet starts out as a standard round sided cylindrical 500-grain cast bullet – produced with the Lee Precision 459-500-3R bullet mold.

The price of the Pedersoli Whitworth is approximately 1700. Whitworth bullet mould made in our own workshop – Three piece mould with ebony handles. It is poured from the base with the nose being formed by a removeable die.

The best bullets selected from American and British designs from 45 to 58 caliber. Heavy sprue cutter plate precision ground both sides. Mould blocks are made from Dura-Bar 65-45-12 extruded fine grain ductile iron.

The rifle is cleaned in the usual way with sponge woollen cleaner or a little tow wrapped round the brass jag which fits on the end of the ramrod. The three section hexagonal mould pictured is a Leo Krannen I have one and it is indeed a fine mould. The 100 lead bullet weighs 550 grains 36 grams and requires hexagonal wads made of special fiber.

Let it cool a bit then open the top and bottom and push your bullet out. As for powder my whitworth likes about 90grns of swiss 15F. The bullet features the twist of the rifling cast into it.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Weight of mould with handle and cut off plate is 12 ounces 343 grams. The rifle uses a special 451 hexagonal bullet from a special Whitworth mould.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The rifle comes with four scrap cast lead bullets. 1 bullet mould calibre 451 for casting a 485grain bullet in 999 pure lead 1 bullet sizing die and punch.

It would rotate a bit as it turned. These last refer the measurements across the corners. When the loose dirt is washed out the wire brush will readily remove any hard dirt that may remain.

These wads are not lubricated it is advisable to lubricate before use. This single cavity mould is made for the hexagon bore of the Whitworth rifle our product number PR1370. Youd close up the bottom and top of the cavity then pour molten lead into the mould.

RL6337 Lymans Cowboy Action Shooting Bullet Mould – 44 Spec44 Mag 240 Grain. All 454440 38 Caliber Tangential Ogive SC Adj. Parker-Hale Whitworth rifle is accompanied by the following accessories.

Lubricate the bore and pushes the fowling from the previous shot to the breech of the barrel. However the Whitworths shoot just as well with a cylindrical bullet which makes hexagonal holes on the target. The 3-piece bullet mould purchased separately retails for 29000.

Ill have to look but i might still have a mold that will work well for your whitworth. Base plug and handle is 4 ounces 114 grams and push out rod for the bullet is 33 ounces 95 grams. Will cast a hexagonal bullet weighing 590 grains.

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